TES Employee Hiring

Temporary Employment Services (TES) delivers candidates pre-screened and best prepared to meet staffing needs.

There are two ways to request a TES hire

  1. TES provides a candidate with the skill set noted in a position description out of their pool of candidates.
  2. A Direct Hire/Preselected individual can be identified if they hold the skill set needed for a particular position.

Steps to request a TES Hire

  1. Create a position description (PD).
  2. Complete the Recruitment Business Approval Form and obtain all signatures.
  3. Complete the  TES Request Form
  4. Send Recruitment Business Approval  Form with signature approval, TES Request and Position Description  to uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu

TES Hire Process

  1. Lisa Borchard or Jeanene Hayes will submit the request to TES and serve as liaison.
  2. TES reviews the request and PD before forwarding PD to compensation for classification (allow 3-5 days)
  3. After position is classified, TES will notify Jeanene or Lisa of classification determination (Title Code, pay rate) and confirm classification before moving forward with a search for a qualified candidate.
  4. Jeanene or Lisa will provide classification information to the supervisor before moving forward.
  5. TES will notify Jeanene or Lisa when a candidate has been identified.
  6.  A request, for a summary of the candidates qualifications is made and shared with hiring manager before moving forward with the hiring process (candidate name will be supplied -when hiring is confirmed). 
  7. Upon hiring manager’s acceptance of the candidate, TES will confirm start date and time. 
  8. If the employee is new to TES, an onboarding and background check with the Shared Service Organization will be scheduled with employee (employee cannot start work until after their onboarding and background check has been completed). If the supervisor approves a contingent hire, candidate can begin work after their onboarding and before the background check is fully approved.
  9. Jeanene or Lisa will send onboarding reference materials to the supervisor and UEOPS team for a successful onboarding.
  10. A copy of the TES monthly recharge invoice will be provided to the supervisor.

Direct Hires

  1. Follow above Steps to request a TES hire and include the name, email, and phone number of preselected individual.
  2. See above TES Hire Process Steps 2-4.
  3. TES will contact preselected individual to fill out an application.
  4. See above TES Hire Process Steps 8-10.