UE Student Employee Recruitment & Hiring Information


Students perform a variety of support roles in UE.  We encourage all student positions in UE to be viewed as opportunities for mentorship and growth.  The hiring process must be completed before students can report to work.  The Shared Services Center Human Resources unit provides recruitment support for student employment found here.

 There are two ways to recruit a Student Employee:

  • Direct hire / preselect – for a student that you have already identified to fill the position.
  • Open recruitment – Post the position on Aggie Job Link and the department will interview candidates.

Process Summary:

  1. Create position description or update an existing one found here.
  2. Obtain approval using the Recruitment Business Approval Form.
  3. Initiate the recruitment request through the Shared Services AggieService Portal.
    1. If you have pre-selected a student, you may proceed with submitting a recruitment request.
    2. If this is an open recruitment (you have not pre-selected the student), Shared Services will post on Aggie Job Link.
      • Once you have interviewed applicants and identified your student hire, a prepare an offer letter.
      • Once the student has accepted the position, you may proceed with the hire. Onboarding must take place before student may begin work assignment.
  4. Shared Services Center will complete the onboarding process and notify you when the student may begin work.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Establish position description, or update an existing position.
    1. Student Assistant position classifications may be Assistant 2, 3, or 4, depending on duties.  See Assistant Series Classification Plan for title codes and classifications, and Student Employee Pay Plan for current rates. 
  2. Complete the Recruitment Business Approval Form and obtain all signatures.
    1. Approval: Student recruitments require pre-approval by the appropriate Unit Head/Director, AVP Frasier and Business Office (Lisa or Jeanene), using the Recruitment Business Approval Form. 
    2. Funding Account: Obtain the account number that will fund this position from your unit’s program support staff or the UE account manager. 
    3. Create a subaccount in KFS: 
      • If this is a direct hire, establish sub account using the first 5 letters of the student’s last name if more letters are needed use the letters of their first name to add to the last name.  For example, John Li = LIJOH (if you have questions see Jeanene).
      • If open recruitment, the sub account will need to be set up once the candidate has been identified and added into the recruitment request.
  3. Submit recruitment request through Shared Services Center → AggieService → Human Resources → Recruitment Request.  Choose “Student Recruitment”. This will open a ticket to which an HR representative will be assigned.  You will be notified via e-mail, and the HR rep will work with you through the ticketing system. To complete the recruitment request:
    1. Attach approved Recruitment Business Approval Form. 
    2. Attach position description.
    3. If a Direct Hire, add the following information to the area under: “What else would you like to tell us about this recruitment?”
      • Student name
      • Student ID
      • Subaccount
      • If student will be holding a dual appointment, note where.
    4. If an open recruitment, you will add this information to the recruitment request once your candidate has been chosen.
      • Open Recruitments:  SSC will post the job to Aggie Job Link. You may follow your department’s process for interviewing and hiring students.
  4. When you have identified your student, you must send a letter of offer including title, start date (and end date if applicable), pay rate, and percentage time to be worked. 
    1. Students can work up to 49% time (20 hours / week) TOTAL for all appointments during the academic year, and full time (40 hours / week) during the summer and in between quarters. 
  5. Once you have received an acceptance, notify your Shared Services representative via email. Once the notification has been submitted it will route OCP Personnel for approval and then to Shared Services HR recruitment team and will be assigned to an HR Coordinator for processing.
    1. Onboarding Student Hires: The onboarding appointment includes time to complete hiring paperwork for the new employee, as well as reviewing resources and information about UC Davis.  The appointment will last approximately one hour. It is critical that students complete their onboarding with SSC before starting work with the unit/department. SSC completes the onboarding process and will notify you when the student can begin work.
    2. Timesheets Reporting System: Student Assistants are paid biweekly via Time Reporting System (TRS).  Please be sure to review and approve hours. Timesheets are required and will be part of SCC’s onboarding information.  Supervisor needs access to TRS.

Links for UE Sample Undergraduate Assistant Position Descriptions

  • Communications internship spring  (pdf)
  • Community building internship spring  (pdf)
  • Media marketing internship spring (pdf)
  • Washington program coordinator (pdf)
  • Peer educator internship spring (pdf)
  • Program coordinator internship spring  (pdf)
  • Graphic design student assistant IV (pdf)
  • Web development and maintenance assistant IV (pdf)