Professional Development


Participating in professional development activities can help staff to learn new skills, develop leadership qualities, keep up with emerging best practices, and have increased job satisfaction. Through Staff Development and Professional Services, UC Davis offers extensive professional development opportunities on campus, most of which are at no cost.

Staff may also benefit in ways that support the UE mission from external professional development opportunities such as workshops, trainings, and conferences, which typically entail expenses including registration and travel. Decisions about these expenses are made at the UE AVPD level. 

Approval Criteria for Paid Professional Development Costs

When there is a cost associated with professional development, there are three criteria by which decisions about allowing employees to undertake professional development be made:

  1.  Job function: Does this new skill open up new possibilities for the employee in completing their job function?

  2. Goals: Does this new skill/experience help the employee meet their goals—especially goals we have decided are important to pursue as employee/supervisor (not just for this job, but for where the employee is going, professionally?

  3. Stewardship: Is this cost a good use of campus resources? Is the cost appropriate for the return? Would I be able to confidently defend this decision to my supervisor or my supervisor’s supervisor or the media, if the media asked?

All professional development expenses must conform with UC and campus policy.

Staff should be prepared to share what they’ve learned at a brown bag following their professional development activities.