General Process for Purchasing

For the routine purchasing of general supplies.

General Process for Purchasing 

Before you purchase:

  1. Obtain prior approval from Unit Director for non-standard office supplies.
  2. Obtain account number (and sub account when applicable). If you are unsure of the account see your account manager Jeanene Hayes or Lisa Borchard.
  3. Provide business justification/purpose of purchase, i.e. "Purchase for Assistant Vice Provost Frasier." Refrain from using acronyms.

On this page:


E-procurement system used to make purchases directly from various vendors providing purchase and payment in one transaction (Office Max, FedEx shipments, etc.).


Used to purchase items (books, office supplies, adapters, apple items etc.) directly at the UC Davis Stores (Bookstore, Tech Hub, UCD Downtown store, etc.).


An online process allowing users to submit any type of order request that will route to Shared Services for processing.

Use for all orders that are not available through Aggie Buy or other campus sources, such as: repair orders, purchase requisitions, business contracts, etc.  


A Visa corporate card program offered through U.S. Bank. It is administered by the UC Davis Material Management department. It allows campus employees who are delegated as departmental buyers to purchase and pay for routine, low dollar cost (less than $500) products not otherwise available through Aggie Buy or UC Davis Stores.

Guide to Purchasing 


  1. Log into AggieBuy with your Kerberos login and password. Search vendors and add items to purchase to your cart.
  2. Assign account/sub account and add reference fields to the items being purchased. 
  3. Rush orders, email account manager (Jeanene Hayes or Lisa Borchard) the AggieBuy order number to expedite approval.
  4. Submit signed “received” packing slips to Jeanene for department filing. 

UC Davis stores

Bookstore Purchase Orders can be used to purchase items directly from any UCD Store; Bookstore, Tech Hub or UCD downtown Davis store.

How to Place Orders:

  1. Obtain a UCD Bookstore Purchase Order form from Lisa or Jeanene.
  2. Fill out form completely with:
    1. Description of items to be purchased;   
    2. Business purpose; and,
    3. Account number/sub account (if applicable).
  3. Obtain signature approval from your unit Director or Account Manager (Jeanene Hayes or Lisa Borchard).
  4. Return Bookstore order form along with receipt to Jeanene Hayes for record keeping.

More information on UCDAVIS Stores here.


Online Pre Purchasing System (OPP) 

Pre-purchasing is designed to handle the departmental process allowing users to submit order requests (Goods, Services, Repairs & Agreements) not available in AGGIEBUY or UCD bookstores.

How to Place Orders:

  1. Submit purchase requests directly into the pre-purchasing system under the header “Orders”. 
  2. Price quotes, required approvals, URL information and special comments can be attached to this document.
  3. Your OPP ticket request will automatically route to the account manager for approval.
  4. Shared Service will process ticket upon approval and will assign a buyer to the request.
  5. The assigned buyer will communicate status and/or questions directly by email or by placing a note in in the OPP ticket. (It is important to respond to the buyer in a timely manner to prevent delays).

Best practices for orders placed through Pre-Purchasing (OPP) system:

  1. Track your orders through to completion (order placed and items received).
  2. Provide proof of delivery in the OPP ticket for orders that were purchased with a purchasing card.
  3. Notify Shared Services and account manager if orders are not received, damaged, or required to be returned.  Add notes to your ticket, or call the Help Desk at 754-4722. 
  4. First-time users can visit the ‘TOUR’ tab in the OPP system and take the guided tour that will walk you through each field of the pre-purchasing document (It is located on the menu bar after you login. Go to ‘orders’ > ‘place order’ > select a ‘workgroup’ screen).

For detailed information on Shared Services visit: Shared Service Purchasing/Procurement


UCD Procurement card (Pcard)

The Procurement Card (Pcard) is a Visa corporate card program through U.S. Bank that is administered by Procurement & Contracting Services. Though it resembles and works like a personal credit card, there are significant differences. There are also policies surrounding how you may use the P-card.

  1. It is a charge or corporate procurement card rather than a credit card.
  2. Full liability rests with the university to remit immediate payment to the bank for all transactions.
  3. It is assigned by the bank to the employee but is issued in the name of and on the behalf of the university.
  4. The card provides campus employees who are delegated as departmental buyers with an effective tool to purchase and pay for routine, low dollar cost products.
  5. You must be an employee who has been delegated with authority by your department for purchasing.  You must also receive approval from your department prior to applying for the card.
  6. Training is required as part of the application process. Refresher training is required annually to remain an active cardholder.
  7. Reconciliation of charges is required. Card holder must provide business justification, receipt, and any other required documentation (i.e., memberships or gift card recipient)