Honorarium (Non-Employee)

Honoraria are used for nominal, non-negotiated payments to individuals for participation in a scholarly or academic event benefiting the mission of the University and in accordance with PPM 380-76. Allowable activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Special Lecture of short series of lectures
  • Conducting seminar or workshop of no more than 2 weeks
  • Musical demonstration related to Music Department instruction
  • Guest Speaker
  • Appraisal of manuscript for the University Press
  • Non-professional medical actors

Vendors, businesses and UC employees are not allowed to receive Honoraria using this type of payment document. UC employee honoraria must be processed through Payroll (UPAY 564). Furthermore, any negotiated payments should be processed on a service agreement through Online Pre-Purchasing (OPP) for Contracting Services approval.

In accordance with UCOP Accounting Manual Policy D-371-35, an account with a sub-fund group type of G (State General Funds) is not allowed.

Honoraria are only paid after services are received. 

Additional Information
  • For current UC Employees, a request must be submitted to Shared Services Organization (SSO) Payroll through AggieService.
  • Must be paid to an individual, not a company.
  • Cannot be negotiated agreement for an amount for service. If the service is negotiated, see Supply Chain Management: Procurement Contracting Services
  • New Payees not previously on the Vendor Table will need to be added before payment can be made. 
To Submit an Honorarium for Processing:

Prior to services (to expedite payment), check with the SSO to make sure the recipient is already on the Vendor Table by emailing sscelp@ucdavis.edu. Provide the recipient’s name and address. If they are not already in the system, submit a request to add them as a vendor through OPP They will get the necessary documentation from the recipient. This is not a required step and can be done when the payment request is submitted after services have been provided, but please note, if the recipient is not in the Vendor Table, payment can be delayed.

Once services have been provided:

Create an OPP Payment/Refund Request. 

Include the payment type as honorarium, business purpose, amount and date of service. An Honoraria Form can be attached but is not required.