Purchasing Professional Memberships

Purchasing Professional Memberships 

UC Davis has institutional memberships at many national organizations dedicated to higher education, including the Association of American Universities (AAU), Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U), Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU), and the Reinvention CenterAll memberships must be pre- authorized by the appropriate unit director and approved by Vice Provost & Dean Carolyn Thomas.

How to process a membership

  1. Approval:  Obtain required signatures on the Approval Request for Organization Membership Dues
  2. Review considerations identified below:
    1. Include  subaccount MEMBR to the account string; (Object code 7299 if reconciling on a pcard).
  3. Process – Obtain membership in one of three ways:
    1. Initiate membership request through UC Davis Pre-Purchasing
      • Attach completed membership form to the purchasing request
    2. For urgent orders or purchases that Pre-Purchasing may not support (i.e. when passwords must be used to process the membership): a purchasing card may be used.  See  Pcard policies for purchasing card allowed uses.
    3. Processing a membership as part of a conference registration:
      • Make one payment and indicate membership fee expense on MyTravel report
      • Indicate subaccount MEMBR to account string for membership expense.
      • Attach the Approved Request for Organization Membership Dues

Considerations for membership approval:

  1. University membership in organizations that would promote the advancement of education and research, enhance the professional standing of its administrative personnel, and facilitate favorable community relations.
  2. A major consideration in securing a membership shall be the cost of the membership in relation to the benefits the University expects to derive from the individual’s membership. Lifetime memberships should only be approved in limited circumstances, with consideration given to the duration of the employee’s appointment.
  3. Membership in an organization must be used primarily for business purposes (i.e., activities that contribute to any one of the University’s major functions of teaching, research, patient care, or public service).
  4. University funds may not be used for payment of fees or dues to organizations that maintain legally impermissible, arbitrary, or unreasonable discriminatory membership policies or practices.
  5. Proposals for membership in state, national, and international organizations shall be referred to the President for consideration if membership might be more appropriate for the University as a whole.
  6. Institutional rather than individual memberships shall be obtained whenever possible, as institutional memberships often allow participation by several or alternate employees.
  7. Departments may purchase a membership in an organization to secure its periodicals upon verification that the periodical cannot otherwise be secured. University Librarians shall be informed of payments for such memberships. University libraries may secure periodicals for their collections that cannot be obtained except through membership