UE Organization

Administrative Information within UE 

Administrative Requests and Communication

  •  If you notice anything out of order (printers, restrooms, coffee machine, lights, etc.) please send a message to UE Operations.  Someone from the Business Ops team will respond to let you know that your request has been received and action has been taken to remedy the problem. A sign will then be posted to let others know that the problem has been reported.


  • The UE coffee machine is serviced once a month and the technician thoroughly cleans it and restocks the coffee, hot cocoa and cups. Should you need to refill in between these visits, the coffee beans and cocoa are located below the kitchen counter. The keys to the machine are located on the bulletin board beside it, where these guidelines will also be placed. Please keep in mind that this is for UE staff and our students. If you have guests, they may also enjoy a cup, but this service is not for others in the building.


  • All UE doors will be closed and locked promptly at 5:00pm Mon-Fri. If you leave your desk with the intention of returning after 5pm, please carry your keys with you. In the shared spaces, whoever is the last to leave for the night will have the responsibility of ensuring that all doors to that space are closed and locked. In addition, the last to leave from 1342 should close and lock conference room 1352 and the last to leave from 1350 should close and lock the hallway access door to conference room 1360.


  • All deliveries should be made to 550 Hutchison Drive. Students or staff will be present to sign for all deliveries and will put them by the mail area. If a package was delivered for you, a note will be placed in your mail box slot directing you to your package(s). In order to keep this consistent, please make sure that your UCD Buy and other purchasing profiles list the address as 550 Hutchison Drive. Do not use the building address 1350 The Grove or 1342 room number.


  •  All garbage and recycle bins in the 1342/1350 spaces and private offices are emptied once per week: offices on Tuesday evenings, 1350 on Wednesday evenings and 1342 on Friday evenings. If you have events with large amounts of trash you can either place it in the large trash bins in the kitchen or bathroom, which get emptied every night, or walk it out to the dumpsters at the loading dock on the west side of the building. There are extra trash bags in the shelves below the counter in the kitchen area.
    • Toner Recycling – All used toner should be recycled. Place used toner in an empty toner box, label it “TONER RECYCLE” and place it in the outgoing mail bin for pickup.
    • Box Recycling – Break down all boxes and place them next to the blue recycle bin located in the hallway between the men’s and women’s restroom, between 1342 and 1350.  The custodial staff will be happy to take them to the recycle bin located outside of the building.


  • Mail is received/picked up every Tuesday and Thursday and sorted into cubbies with your staff or unit name. This mail area is located in the back of 1350 by the copier and should be checked regularly (at least once per week). Please note that checks for your student staff are delivered through campus mail and given to Jeanene Hayes, who distributes them appropriately.