Ordering New Tech for Staff

Obtain approval of computer equipment orders prior to submitting your order by sending a request via email to Lisa Borchard.  In your email, include the computer make and model and/or type of software and any additional items needed.

Jeanene Hayes will submit approved orders through an ‘IT Get Help’ ticket.  Jeanene will copy the original requestor for tracking and communication purposes.

Purchasing computers and equipment for existing employees

  1. Confirm computer is up for renewal with Jeanene Hayes based on the 4-year cycle or if computer is having performance issues and IET cannot resolve the issue. All computers are currently supported by a 4-year service warranty.
  2. After obtaining approval from unit director, select computer equipment preference from OCP standard computer options.
  3. Send computer order request to Jeanene Hayes (new email distribution coming soon), include the following in your request:
    1. OCP standard computer option chosen.
    2. The OCP property number of the computer being replaced (located on computer).
    3. Additional cables needed if new computer equipment is different from replacement computer (HDMI, USB, etc.).
    4. If new monitors are needed or if the existing monitors will remain. Specify if monitor mounting arms will be required.
    5. Laptop docking station needed.
    6. Account/sub account to charge (if unsure refer to Jeanene and/or Lisa).
    7. Specify when you will need the computer and/or equipment.
    8. The name of employee the computer is will be assigned and exact office location.
    9. A contact name, email, and phone number.