General Computing Information

There are several offices providing support for campus computing and technology, and UE has particular procedures for purchasing hardware and software. This page will explain:

  • Difference in services offered from IET and OCP-ISPS
  • UE Business Operations as they relate to computing
  • UE Communications functions for website support


IETInformation and Educational Technology is the office responsible for campus wide technology, including networking and internet access, the Cascade CMS, Canvas, email, voice communications, and software with campus licenses. IET oversees campus wide purchasing and installation of hardware and software.

  1. Campus management of Cascade Content Management System(CMS), the platform used to build all of UE’s websites. 
    1. CMS Training – training must be complete before you have access to CMS.
      • All UE CMS sites are managed by UE Communications staff.  To request access a CMS site, please contact
      • For Cascade CMS training, refer to this page.
    2. Online resources
    3. Troubleshooting contact for computing and software-related issues.
  2. IET Express offers Helpdesk support for:
    1. General computer issues
    2. Network issues
    3. Server needs
    4. Computer hardware and software installation and maintenance
    5. Purchasing software
  3. IT Service Catalog:  a one-stop location to find information about IT services which are categorized by type and searchable by your campus affiliation.

OCP-ISPS – OCP Information Systems Planning and Support:  Information Systems Planning and Support (ISPS) is the main development, application support and electronic document management unit for the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost (OCP) organization.  ISPS provides web development and application support for all units reporting to OCP. 

  1. OCP-ISPS has created a How can we help you? resource to route various requests. Kerberos login required.  

UE Business Operations

  1. Works with IET to oversee purchasing, allocation, and installation of hardware and software.
    1. Purchasing Software and/or Hardware, follow instructions here.
  2. Works with IET to provide new employees with access to shared drives, etc.  New staff will be onboarded as part of the overall onboarding process.  If you have students who will need access to H drive files or networked printers, please work with Jeanene Hayes to complete IET onboarding.  

UE Communications

UE Communications provides support and oversight for UE units for web, design, and content creation. All UE websites are built using the Cascade content management system (CMS) used campuswide.  In partnership with OCP-ISPS, UE Comm provides start-up support for creating units’ websites, and limited support for maintaining websites.  Units are responsible for generating their own content, although we are available to consult, and UE Comm staff can develop specific projects.

To make your own website updates, UE staff members must be trained before they can be given access to Cascade, and must request access from  UE student staff are available for supplemental training and support. UE Communications can help you:

  1. Work with OCP-ISPS to set priorities for web applications
  2. Support UE unit website maintenance, with help from UE Comms student staff
    1. Request a web update or project