Campus Supported Applications

Software packages available for download

UC Davis offers several supported software packages for download, and licenses a number of useful web-based applications with Kerberos protection. Software not on these lists may not be supported by IET, OCP-ISPS, or UE staff.

  1. Complete catalog listing of software available for download.
    1. Software License Coordination Home - References and further information on campus-licensed software.

Web-based applications with campus licenses 

UC Davis offers several software packages for download at no cost.  In addition, campus maintains relationships making available a number of useful tools with Kerberos protection. UC Davis does not provide support for third-party software applications:

  1. Google Drive – useful for file sharing, shared form and document creation.
    1. Official UC Davis Google App Information Page
    2. Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and apps
    3. The UE Comm photo repository is shared via Google Drive
    4. All UC Davis e-mail addresses can have a Google Drive account with unlimited storage.  You will need to create a Google Drive account with your UC Davis address to use this resource. If you have a separate Google Drive account accessed through a private gmail address, Google Drive will let you toggle between accounts.
    5. Google App UE resident expert: Rami Abueshsheikh, UE Comm student staff
  2. – secure file sharing
    1. Official UC Davis Box Information
  3. Qualtrics – online survey tool.
    1. Official UC Davis Information on Qualtrics
    2. UE resident expert on creating surveys that produce actionable information: Kara Moloney.
  4. Microsoft Office 365:  web-based version of Microsoft office accessed by your UC Davis account.
    1. Official UC Davis Microsoft 365 Information
  5. Software & Business Applications – IET Website
  6. Oasis Advising System - can be set up so that students may self-schedule appointments with you or exams for themselves. Access to Oasis through your Kerberos login must be established before you can use this system.
    1. Oasis Help