Who Do I Ask?

Below is a reference guide to help you decide who in UE to contact for Finance, Personnel or Business Operations inquiries. If your question hasn't been answered elsewhere on this site, please send an email to the appropriate listserv and the primary or backup contact will follow up with you.

Click here to download an Excel version of this guide.


Contact Information

Primary Contact

Backup Contact


AggieTravel Support  uefinance@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Jeanene Hayes
Bookstore Purchase Orders  uefinance@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Jeanene Hayes
Instant Awards  uefinance@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Jeanene Hayes
Kuali Financial System Transactions/Reports/Support  uefinance@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Jeanene Hayes
Fiscal Close Information/Facilitation  uefinance@ucdavis.edu  Jeanene Hayes  Chloe Morris
Budget  uefinance@ucdavis.edu  Lisa Borchard  Jeanene Hayes
Access to Locked Rooms  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Chloe Morris, Angelina Herron
ATR Desk Phones  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Chloe Morris
Coffee Machine Maintenance  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Chloe Morris
Computer/IT Supply & Repair Orders  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Jeanene Hayes
Copier Help/Work Orders  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Chloe Morris
Excess & Salvage (Unwanted IT & Office Supplies)  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Candice Boulware
Facilities Work Order Coordination  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Chloe Morris, Angelina Herron
Furniture Orders  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Angelina Herron  Candice Boulware
General UE Office Supplies/Storage Closet  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Candice Boulware
Office Space Requests  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Lisa Borchard  Angelina Herron
Special Services Work Order Coordination  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Angelina Herron  Candice Boulware
Staff Onboarding- Keys: Office & Building  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Angelina Herron
Staff Onboarding- Name Badges & Business Cards  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Angelina Herron  Candice Boulware
Staff Onboarding- UE Swag  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Angelina Herron  Chloe Morris
Staff Onboarding- Voicemail Set Up  ueops@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Chloe Morris
Academic Personnel  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Lisa Borchard  Jeanene Hayes
Personnel Policies and Procedures  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Lisa Borchard  Jeanene Hayes
Procurement and Corporate Card  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Jeanene Hayes
Staff Recruitment Coordination  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Jeanene Hayes  Lisa Borchard
STAR Awards  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Lisa Borchard  Jeanene Hayes
Student Payroll Checks  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Chloe Morris
Student Recruitment, Appointment Extensions & Separations  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Chloe Morris  Jeanene Hayes
Temporary Employment Coordination  uepersonnel@ucdavis.edu  Jeanene Hayes  Lisa Borchard
Room Scheduling:      
Room Reservations  uerooms@ucdavis.edu  Candice Boulware  Angelina Herron